“Where we’re going, we don’t need roads”

Isn’t that a quote from Back to the Future? Yes, it is the last line of that time-travelling 1980s movie epic, but it also describes what our approach to 21st century travel could look like: instead of handing over most of our public realm to motorised traffic, we could allocate that space to parks, outdoorContinue reading ““Where we’re going, we don’t need roads””

Build Back Better

Now that the lockdown is beginning to ease, instead of noticing the tropically blue skies and birdsong, we are watching the cars take over our streets again. And as the 1st of June rolls around, those of us living near primary schools are wondering whether the pavement parking and idling vehicles will appear again withContinue reading “Build Back Better”

Cash for clean air

Do you have an idea for a small project which responds to air pollution and helps promote healthier streets in St Denys? Would you like some funding to try this out? We have several pots of up to £400 to hand out to Southampton residents or groups that have got an idea that they wouldContinue reading “Cash for clean air”