Our impact

To help us understand the impact of Breathing Spaces in St Denys we have engaged Naomi Jones as our Learning Partner. She is working hard on evaluating the project and your feedback is a key part of this!

You can attend our Focus Group with Naomi on Saturday 9th November, 3-4pm and also complete our 5 minute survey. We’d really appreciate hearing your thoughts on what we’ve done well, what’s not been so good and what we should do next.


As part of our work with Nesta we have also developed a Theory of Change for the Breathing Spaces project. The aim is to capture the activities, outcomes and aspirations for the project, not only to help with evaluating its impact but also as a visual way of describing what we’d like to achieve.

This has been an iterative process, starting with a workshop at Nesta back when we had only been shortlisted for the grant; and it’s been refined through working with the lovely Naomi, our Learning Partner, and the wonderful Sarah & Belinda from Nesta. It has involved a large number of post it notes and hours with PowerPoint, but most importantly, a long time spent thinking about how we can create change and what kind of city we would like to live in.

It could do with an artistic reworking, but for the moment we’re just keen to find out whether it makes sense to people who haven’t been involved in the process. Do you think collaboration and co-production can create a healthy, sustainable city powered by its communities?

Breathing Spaces Theory of Change – June 2019
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