Final Clean Air Café: 30th November

We hope we’ve kickstarted some conversations about cleaner air & healthy streets in St Denys this year. Now is the time to decide what should happen with all of your ideas! Please do join us at our final and celebratory St Denys Clean Air Café on Saturday 30th November, 3-5pm at St Denys Church Hall. This will be a chance to think about the future but also share learning & celebrate what we’ve achieved 🙂

Tickets are FREE, everyone is welcome, please do book using the link below:

And our final event for 2019 will be a pre-Christmas Open Streets on Priory Road (North), 5-7pm. For more information take a look over here and photos of our fab summer Open Streets events are available here. Please do come along to support it – drop us a line if you can help in any way:

Previous Clean Air Cafés

Our 4th Clean Air Café was held on Saturday 26th October, 3-5pm. We heard about resident-led projects, talked about a future vision for St Denys and also Southampton City Council‘s ideas for creating a more liveable neighbourhood in St Denys & Portswood.

At our Clean Air Ideas – Drop In we had lots of great informal and in-depth conversations with residents about clean air bursaries and the potential for change in St Denys.

The third clean air café was a week day session to give different residents the chance to share their ideas. We looked at putting some bursary ideas into action and discussed plans for summer street parties!

The second Clean Air Café focused on generating ideas for cleaner air and liveable neighbourhoods, with around 50 residents taking part. We also learnt about the data from the 6 University of Southampton sensors which have been installed around the neighbourhood.

The first Clean Air Café was held on 16th March and was a great success! Around 50 people joined us to talk about their concerns with local air pollution, but also the elements that make St Denys a strong community.

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