St Denys Open Streets

On 20th July we helped organise 2 separate street parties in St Denys – a mini one outside the Community Centre and a larger one taking up much of Priory Road, North of St Denys Road. They were both fantastic events with lots of members of the community coming out to create chalk drawings on the street, share food, meet their neighbours, or just stop and have a chat.

Images courtesy of Ben Quextal

On the South side we joined up with the Big Bike Revival which provided different types of bikes for people to try out, a smoothie bike and bike repairs; and The Environment Centre had an air quality exhibit where you could learn about active travel and the best way to have healthy lungs. We also had a tug of war, music and kids happily playing in the street.

Images: The Southampton Collective

The reaction to the street parties was overwhelmingly positive, with residents wanting to do this more often and not just for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon. In addition, the residents on Priory Road (North) had got used to living on peaceful street after a recent 10-day road closure due to sewer works and some were wondering if more permanent measures could be put in place.

The Breathing Spaces team would like to support residents in St Denys to hold future outdoor community events, Play Streets or street parties. We’re also investigating what kinds of traffic interventions could be implemented in the neighbourhood. We’d love to know what you think!

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