Brainwaves and bright ideas

At the recent Clean Air Cafés, residents have come up with well over 100 different ideas for tackling local air pollution and creating liveable neighbourhoods. Perhaps demonstrating that tea & cake do provide food for thought 🙂 As there were so many ideas, we’ve grouped them into loose themes, such as ‘Making the community visible’, ‘Reclaiming the streets’ and ‘Commuter traffic’.

We used Padlet to create the ‘Ideas Wall’ below (Click on the image for a bigger version). If you’d like to support or help develop any of these mini-projects, please do let us know through the comments section below. At the next Clean Air Café on Tuesday 4th June we’ll be seeing how they can be put into action!

Click on the image to bring up a bigger version. Click to zoom in. Scroll up & down and left & right to see all the ideas.

Just in case you’d like to see all the original post it notes, here they are grouped by theme. NB The constant shuffling of bits of paper meant that many of the green dots used for voting fell off! (But don’t worry we took photos beforehand 🙂 ).

Car ownership
Reclaiming the streets
Public transport
Commuter traffic and Business
Commercial traffic
Making the community visible
Pedestrians and Greenery

2 thoughts on “Brainwaves and bright ideas

  1. Great work team! I’d be interested in being involved with trying to implement some of the ideas around greenery in the area – looking for little wins to start some ground-up changes. Is this something anyone else has expressed an interest in being involved with yet?


    1. Thanks Michael! It’s great that you’d like to be involved in some projects around greenery. Looking forward to hearing from other residents which ideas they’d like to support. We’ll keep you updated!


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